Joseph Reilly is the current Editor in Chief of Short Story Avenue and the author of the novel Vanishing Love published by Adelaide Books (November 2020). He is the current head writer for ShipByMail Services Inc. Joseph’s writing has been published by Ephemeral Elegies, Monologue Blogger, Chegg.com, TheWackyWriter, Dreaming In Fiction, CIC Reports, among others. He has also penned two self- published contemporary romance novels Hearts and Diners, and Better at Friendships on Amazon along with holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from The New School in New York. You can read all of his work and more at joereillywrites.wordpress.com

Half a decade of thorough work

I started in the writing world in 2014 and began making money off my E-Books. I took this small success and multiplied it, heading back to school to finish my degree. Years later, after making the Dean’s List, Honor’s Program, and recieving my Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing, here I am today ensuring clients receive a great value for their dollar. From SEO optimization, marketing funnels, landing pages, direct response marketing, thoroughly researched content, to making sure that the tone is right for content, I’ve done it all.

Proven Results Over the years, I have not only received positive reviews and feedback from clients, but have seen then come back for more work.
Why are results important? Results are a top tier measurement of what a writer has achieved for other clients. Proven results, mixed with education, and experience are detrimental when choosing a writer to do work for you.
Extensive Experience With each client, I learn something new. I take a little from each positive outcome and add it to the next project, always sharpening my writing sword.
Why is this significant? Because writing is an ever changing game. The online content world is an evoloving beast and a writer needs to adapt and always get better. A client from 2014 will not have the same needs as a client today nor will their content. If you need a writer to do work for you, no project is too big or small, contact me today!

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